Where to Find The Best Deals on Groceries {Including Organic Products}


OK. So you clicked on this post to read where to find the cheapest groceries. I have answers for ya. I promise. Long gone are the days I spend clipping multiple Sunday insert coupons, scouring the internet and driving to 5 different stores a week. Here are my tips on finding the best grocery deals including organic products.

Where to Find the Best Deals On Groceries Including Organic Prouducts

I’ve been grocery shopping as a married woman for 15 years now. Wow. Unbelievable. But all of those years I never grew weary of it. OK. I have to admit I did dislike it if was howling windy,there was nothing in the house to eat and I had to  bring toddler and infant along. Because on that day of course the toddler threw a temper tantrum while the infant pooped out of her entire outfit while in the car seat.

There were times I was less than thrilled with it but it’s always been something I enjoyed. For the first 12-13 years of our marriage I was a coupon clipper. Not an extreme one but a dedicated one. I often visited at least one grocery store, one Super Store (Walmart or Target) and one Pharmacy (CVS or Rite Aid) to get the best deals. Sometimes more.

I would clip coupons, scour the ads for deals, match up the best buys, make lists and eventually get myself to the store even if it was Saturday at 10 PM.  I often got good deals but I got tired. Not of the shopping itself but of remembering everything.

Remembering to print this coupon. Remembering to bring that coupon. Scan a certain blog for the best match ups. I got tired of the best deals being out of stock when you finally did remember to print and bring the coupon.

So it just began to be a pain in the tush for lack of better words. I didn’t enjoy it any more. And to be honest I sort of hated that about myself. I had always enjoyed it before.

So I reevaluated. An awesome friend of mine told me about this local store, about 25 minutes away that had great deals. She offered to take me with her the next time she went. So off we went to get some deals. It was love at first sight.

Save on Groceries at the Outlet Discount Stores

This store is called Sharp Shopper. It’s a discount outlet store. Items come and go. Stock may be great some days and not so great others. One trip you may make out great and have a full cart. Other times it may not be so hot.

Other great local stores for deals are:

B & B grocery outlet (various locations)

Amelia’s Grocery Outlet

Big Lots (Have you ever checked their selection?)

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (Great grocery deals here too.)

Now I know many of you who are reading this are not local. Most likely there is a grocery outlet near you. Look for discount, bent and dent, outlet stores in your area. Ask around. Google it. Do whatever you have to do. But find one.

As I mentioned, deals are hit or miss. But I have found many products that were way cheaper than the grocery store. I come out spending about the same without the hassle of coupons.

Here are some real examples of products I’ve purchased at discount grocery stores compared with regular prices at a grocery store or Amazon.com.

Examples of Grocery Deals


The savings represented above is small in comparison to what you could really save. For example: I would stock up on those tomatoes when I see them. Instead of buying one I’d probably buy 6. I don’t know when I’ll see them again. I’d probably buy 16 yogurts. It’s something every one in my family enjoys. I can make yogurt at home but time doesn’t always allow and this price breaks down to cheaper than I could make it.

I encourage you to get out there. Think outside the box. Look for groceries in places you’ve never expected.

A few tips to keep in mind when shopping at outlet and discount stores:

  1. Products come and go. They may have a large supply of an item when you are there but it will be gone the next time you visit.
  2. Check expiration dates. Lots of times the groceries outlets have close dated or out dated products. Be aware of this and purchase accordingly. Example:  I have no problem buying cereal, granola bars etc that are close to date but yogurt that’s dated 3 days out I may pass on.
  3. Stock up. If it’s a great deal don’t forget to stock up. You may never see it again. Example: One time I found Ghiradelli chocolate chips (in date) for $.99. I bought 10.
  4. Will not be a one stop shopping. They may not have a good supply of all groceries so you may still have to visit a traditional grocery store to fully stock your kitchen.
  5. Ask when they get deliveries.  Once you find a grocery outlet you like to frequently visit ask when they get their deliveries. Their best stock will be right after they’ve stocked the newest products.


I hope you’ve found some useful information. Feel free to shout out your best tips in the comments. I’d love to hear!
Til we meet again,



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  1. Lisa says

    Good tips;) I have been shopping there 1 yr + (thanks to YOU) and have taken many others too. It’s easier to indulge the kids there also;)

    • says

      It does get expensive Kathy. And our budget just doesn’t allow for it so I do the best I can. And usually the best is at these discount grocery stores.

  2. says

    I need to find a place like this in NYC! Deals on supermarket items are few and far behind here…you know it’s crazy when Whole Foods is actually the CHEAPEST option. (Not an exaggeration)

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